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Fuel prices are going up... or are they?

One of the main concerns of Britons about their domestic economies is the rising price of petrol. Most people in the UK own at least one car and use it daily, so the price of fuel is a big part of their monthly expenses. The rise in prices might be a challenge to their domestic economy sooner or later, so it does make sense to consider options and possibilities on their reach in order to decrease such expenses. Using our cars less and walking or cycling more can seem like a good approach, it helps us get more fit and pollute the environment less, but let's be honest, would you really replace so many car trips with walks or bicycle trips, for more than one or two weeks? Cars are too convenient for us to drop them or reduce their use in order to save in petrol, so in the end we haven't really done anything, and the prices keep affecting our monthly balance more and more. So isn't there anything else we can do?

As a matter of fact, there is a great option to reduce our fuel expenses drastically, wich is an LPG conversion. In other words, we adapt our cars to run on LPG instead of just petrol, and as you know, LPG is far less expensive than the usual liquid fuels. But is it worth it? After all, LPG does have a fame of making your car work worse, reducing autonomy and taking up all the space in your trunk for nothing. Is it really like that?

What's good about an LPG conversion

An LPG conversion can actually do a lot to help you improve not only your finances but also your bad contributions to the environment. LPG conversions are surounded by myths and false beliefs that prevent many people from doing something that would actually help them in many levels.

Many say that conversions are so expensive that they don't really help you save any money at all. However, this isn't really true. At the beginning, you do need to make an investment, and conversions can be costly, but this depends on the quote you get from the garage doing it. Cheap quotes might mean a poor quality job that will end up costing you more than you thought, but good garages like will offer an affordable quote and do a good job. So even if you do have to pay some money, the difference between prices of LPG and fuel is so big, the gap is so wide, that you can see a full return on your money after just a few months, depending on how much you use your car. After that, there is only gain for you, and a good one in fact. 

The main advantage of a conversion is, of course, how much money you can save. There is also the environmental factor, with exhaust gas from an LPG car being sensibly less toxic than the exhaust of petrol cars. This helps reduce global warming and makes a healthier environment for us, our children and people around. 

The good, the bad and the not so ugly

Many disadvantages attributed to an LPG conversion are false. People are misinformed about what an LPG conversion does to your car in terms of performance and safety. Many associate gas with risk of leaks, explosions and poisoning, but the matter of the fact is that LPG cars are safe as long as the installation and maintenance is properly done. 

LPG cars are also believed to have less autonomy than petrol cars, and this isn't right for more than one reason. LPG cars don't really have less autonomy than petrol cars. LPG pumps are much easier to find than people believe, and one of their main fears is to be stranded, out of gas and far away from the closest LPG station. This won't happen, for two reasons. First, even if at the beginning LPG pumps were much harder to find, now they are all over the country and you can easily drop by one and load your tank. And second, even if you don't find one, the petrol system isn't removed from your car after a conversion. Therefore, if you run out of LPG, your car will automatically switch to petrol, and keep running. There is a chance you won't even notice, because the transition is so smooth that you will need a special light on your control panel tell you that the switch has happened.



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