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LPG conversions, why are they a thing?

You've probably heard of LPG conversions before, but what are they all about? Are they a heavy mod to your car, some sort of big replacement, a magical trick that can be performed on your car so suddenly everything is cheaper and cleaner? Is it a huge mistake, a scam in which many people fall and thus ruin their vehicles forever?

Let's start from the beginning. LPG stands for liquid petrol gas, which is a product of the same process that creates petrol oil, the raw material for a number of liquid fuels including petrol and diesel. Actually, LPG and petrol oil are often found together, deep under the surface of the Earth. They can be extracted and refined to make a variety of products including vehicle fuel. 

An LPG conversion is a process that allows cars that run on petrol or diesel to also run on LPG. A big gas tank is installed inside the vehicle, often in the trunk, and all pieces needed to connect the gas to the engine are also colocated. The engine itself doesn't need to be modified. A final addition is a piece on your control panel that lets you know how much gas you have left inside your tank and when your car has switched from gas to fuel, often because the gas tank is empty. The engine itself doesn't need to undergo any major mods, it just has to be connected to the new parts of your car.

Can you save money with an LPG conversion?

Many people have become interested in LPG conversions as a way of saving money. As a matter of fact, whoever who goes to a pump can see the huge difference in prices between LPG and liquid fules like petrol. Even diesel, which was the historically cheap option, is much more expensive than LPG. And the price of petrol is increasing year after year, so it seems pretty tempting to switch to the much cheaper option. But is it worth it?

Big money sites like Moneysupermarket and Think Money have thoroughly discussed this topic, and weighed the pros and cons of an LPG conversion. The main concern is the actual cost of the devices as well as the installation and additional maintenance that should be performed regularly. Detractors of LPG conversions point out that the expenses might be actually higher than the amount of money you save thanks to the price gap.

However, experience shows that it is quite easy to see returns when converting a car to LPG. This article on the Pistonheads websites dives more deeply into this. Of course, the more you run your car, the more fuel you will consume, so the more difference you will make in the same amount of time. Whatever the case is, the average person will see returns in the first or second year of use of their car. This is quite short term when you think about it, so an LPG conversion can actually be a good choice for you. Not only will you save money in a reasonably short time, but also you can contribute to the environment thanks to the cleaner exhaust of an LPG car.

LPG conversions in London

When you convert a car, you actually need to do two things. First, you have to buy all the elements that will go in your vehicle, including the tank, the control panel piece and all devices connecting the tank to the engine. After you have bought the LPG set, you need to get it properly installed by a professional mechanic. A poor instalation will go against performance and even safety, so make sure to get it done right. 

At Big LPG, you can find reliable professionals to get the job done for you. You can bring the pieces or even buy them on site and get them installed in one go. Big LPG offers a great service and years of experience in the field, so you can trust that your car is at good hands with them. 

Big LPG also offers professional and reliable maintenance services as well as repairs and diagnoses for all LPG cars, no matter the model or the year. So if you live in the London area and are considering an LPG conversion, you should definitively pay Big LPG a visit. They will be able to guide you on the best way to undergo the process, and they will make sure you have all you need to start enjoying all the beefitis of an LPG conversion.


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