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The LPG Industry in the UK

What is LPG?

The search for alternative fuel sources is a quest taken on not only in the UK but on a global scale. Many factors have over the years iterated the importance and utmost necessity to have this and one such answer has been LPG.

LPG is an acronym for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is a fuel made of hydrocarbon gases used as an energy source to power various kinds of items around a household as well as on an industrial scale as well.

It is derived primarily during the refining of petroleum but can also be derived from naturally occurring gas veins as they emerge from below ground. As an industry, it has been around since the late 20s but has only quite recently really caught on in importance after the adverse effects of bio-diesel fuels have begun to emerge.

The Rise of LPG in the UK

On a global level, the current percentage of all energy consumed under LPG sits at less than 5%. A while back, that number wasn’t much different in the UK alone but recent calls for climate action have seen a number of factors trigger its uptake. That coupled with a number of factors we discuss below tell us why LPG as an alternative energy source has seen a great increase in consumership.

The economy of the current fuel market

It is as plain as day the ever soaring gas prices in the UK and globally as well. This can be attributed to a number of factors which in all frankness we can do nothing about. The point is the prices are getting steeper and consumers don’t have the stomach for it. A cheaper alternative that works is what people need and that’s what LPG brings to the table.

Government policies

The UK administration has recently undertook vigorous studies and plans to bring to law a few changes regarding the wellness of the climate and the people from what they discover from their findings. One thing I can already tell you is that the government plans to have no petrol fueled vehicles on the roads come the dawn of 2050 and to achieve this, plans to impose a ban sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040. Seems like a far reach but take Norway for example, they are well on their way to achieving this by 2025.

Incentives offered

Those who choose to embrace the use of LPG from the get go get to enjoy a few benefits from doing so. Aside from cutting down the overall cost of living since it can nearly halve your monthly fuel expenditure, for the car lovers it gets even better.
LPG isn’t only used to power small household appliances as there are ways to implement LPG systems in a car. As a result, a lot of firms have been on the rise recently in the UK offering professional LPG conversions and repair for all manners of vehicles. The government is offering huge tax breaks for LPG powered vehicles and ensuring the fuel comes to them at very low prices. In Norway, the government there also offers free parking and allows the use of the bus lane for LPG powered vehicles among other privileges.

International Pacts

The UNFCCC has long been a strong voice in the war to fight global climate change, coming up with accords like the Kyoto protocol and its follow-up, the Doha amendment which seeks to have member countries commit to certain agreements in order to keep the fight on greenhouse gas emissions going right. The most recent ne is the Paris agreement, though it may face delays in its implementation following the UKs withdrawal from the EU.

LPG is definitely gaining more traction in the UK

LPG continues to gain more and more traction in the UK and is well fitting into the government’s plans of ensuring a better climate is maintained. As a major player in the global LPG market, it is safe to say the UK is well on its way towards attaining the full use of LPG and other clean energy sources on all levels of its sectors, in the industrial and household sector.

It is important to also note the government’s efforts in the race to bring aboard the UK citizens in using LPG. They offer good incentives to those who adopt it and in the long run will go a long way in maintaining a better climate and the lowered of emissions from bio-diesel fuels which actually cause more than 80,000 deaths and diseases annually in the UK alone. It is therefore very important that not only the government but we as consumer support the use of LPG.


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