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LPG conversions london

Fuel prices are going up... or are they?

One of the main concerns of Britons about their domestic economies is the rising price of petrol. Most people in the UK own at least one car and use it daily, so the price of fuel is a big part of their monthly expenses. The rise in prices might be a challenge to their domestic economy sooner or later, so it does make sense to consider options and possibilities on their reach in order to decrease such expenses. Using our cars less and walking or cycling more can seem like a good approach, it helps us get more fit and pollute the environment less, but let's be honest, would you really replace so many car trips with walks or bicycle trips, for more than one or two weeks? Cars are too convenient for us to drop them or reduce their use in order to save in petrol, so in the end we haven't really done anything, and the prices keep affecting our monthly balance more and more. So isn't there anything else we can do?

As a matter of fact, there is a great option to reduce our fuel expenses drastically, wich is an LPG conversion. In other words, we adapt our cars to run on LPG instead of just petrol, and as you know, LPG is far less expensive than the usual liquid fuels. But is it worth it? After all, LPG does have a fame of making your car work worse, reducing autonomy and taking up all the space in your trunk for nothing. Is it really like that? Read More...

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Keep it all at top performance

You take care of all things that are important for you, and of all those on which you rely every day for your daily tasks and your needs, so you will definitively take care of your car and want it to be at its best every time. You will benefit from this and feel your vehicle run smoothly and with all its power at your disposal. Regular checkouts are basically a must, otherwise your car will start deteriorating over time the more you use it, and eventually start to need some replacements here and there, perhaps some repairs, a change of oil or brake fluid, or some other intervention of the like.

Also, keeping your car in good shape will help you save money and prevent you from spending days without your car, waiting for it to be properly repaired in a garage. Many malfunctions can get worse over time if you don't take care of them soon, and even cause wearing or deterioration in other parts. For example, poor performance in the cooling system will eventuallly lead to the engine overheating and many pieces will start failing; you might even get stranded in the middle of the road, looking for the phone number of the nearest tow. Other examples are less obvious. An imperfect wheel alignment will cause your engine to make a bigger effort in order to keep pushing forwards, so the wearing on all its pieces will be greater, and you might even spend more fuel than intended. Read More...

Quality LPG conversions in London

LPG conversions, why are they a thing?

You've probably heard of LPG conversions before, but what are they all about? Are they a heavy mod to your car, some sort of big replacement, a magical trick that can be performed on your car so suddenly everything is cheaper and cleaner? Is it a huge mistake, a scam in which many people fall and thus ruin their vehicles forever?

Let's start from the beginning. LPG stands for liquid petrol gas, which is a product of the same process that creates petrol oil, the raw material for a number of liquid fuels including petrol and diesel. Actually, LPG and petrol oil are often found together, deep under the surface of the Earth. They can be extracted and refined to make a variety of products including vehicle fuel.  Read More...

The LPG Industry in the UK

What is LPG?

The search for alternative fuel sources is a quest taken on not only in the UK but on a global scale. Many factors have over the years iterated the importance and utmost necessity to have this and one such answer has been LPG.

LPG is an acronym for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is a fuel made of hydrocarbon gases used as an energy source to power various kinds of items around a household as well as on an industrial scale as well.

It is derived primarily during the refining of petroleum but can also be derived from naturally occurring gas veins as they emerge from below ground. As an industry, it has been around since the late 20s but has only quite recently really caught on in importance after the adverse effects of bio-diesel fuels have begun to emerge. Read More...

Environmental conservation ; everything you need to know

What is environmental conservation

It's been a while since environmental concerns have been in the public speech as well as in policies and election proposals. The public conciousness is, to some degree, aware of the fact that the only way we will be able to continue existing in this world as we know it is by taking all measures necessary to not destroy it in the near future. This might seem a bit obvious, but for a long time people have acted and made theit choices, building entire civilizations ignoring this basic premise. The evolution of technology and techniques for economical exploitation of resources and the explosion of the world population have the balance of the environment against the ropes, and for quite some time now we have started to experience the consequencies of our actions upon the planet. Natural catastrophes, harsh weather that has taken many lives acros the world, and raging wars over natural resources such as petrol are just the tip of the iceberg of the chaos we might cause if we don't change the way we impact our planet with our activities.

So in order to further understand actions taken to preserve the environment, we must first take a look at what environmental conservation really is. Let's take a look at the concept of environmental conservation and understand the right definitions that apply to conservative actions as well as other policies concerning the protection of the environment. Read More...


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